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The policy and description of ours outdoor adventure product

For us, safety is our top priority. We ensure that every pilot and equipment adheres to strict policies and regulations.


  • Official certificate from the Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia.
  • It is mandatory for the pilot to possess a valid Class 2 medical certificate.
  • It is mandatory for all equipment to undergo regular and valid inspections.
  • We always have the best assistant man in the country with us.
  • Every flight must be approved from AirTrafficControl services.


Our policy regarding flight cancellations due to unsafe weather conditions remains unchanged. In such instances, if the passenger is unable to reschedule their flight to another day, we will refund 70% of their pre-payment while retaining a 30% administration fee.


Paragliding is a safe air sport, but like all extreme sports, passengers must read and sign an agreement before flying tandem.


   Our website https://www.paraglidingserbia.com is the only platform for official communication.

  • This message was sent via email: tandem@paraglidingserbia.com.
  • Reach Aleksandar Cirkovic via Voice/SMS/Viber/WhatsApp at +381 63 691 729.
  • One can communicate via various social media platforms over the internet, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Telegram, or Twitter.

   Our voice call policy is that if we are unable to answer your call, it is likely that we are either in the air or preparing for a flight. In such cases, we will return your call on the missed number as soon as we are available, usually by the end of the workday.

    SMS, Viber, WhatsApp, email or social media messages to the police will be answered by the end of the next workday (Monday to Friday).

   Please note that confirmation for all tandem flights will be provided a maximum of 3 days before the scheduled date. This is because forecasts beyond this timeframe currently have a high margin of error when it comes to wind speed and direction, which are crucial factors for ensuring a safe paragliding experience.

  •   Canceling less than 3 days in advance does not entitle a refund.
  •    When you cancel a pre-paid service four or more days in advance, we will refund 70% of the base price. We will keep the remaining 30% as an administrative fee.
  •    It is possible to change or cancel your flight twice, but only if done more than 3 days before the scheduled date.

Please note that despite the advancements in technology and improved weather forecasting, the final decision on whether to proceed with a flight or cancel it is made at the take-off position. It is possible that due to unfavorable weather conditions, we may need to cancel a flight and reschedule it for another day. In such a scenario, if you wish to receive a refund for the pre-paid service, we will refund 70% of the pre-pay fee based on the original price. The remaining 30% will be kept as an administration fee.

   The payment policy for Sport Union "Extreme Sports" is to receive payment via their traditional bank account or through the PayPal.com system.

   For online orders, the payment method is pre-paid. The pre-paid system does not have a time limitation for using paid pre-paid tandem flights or tandem vouchers. We accept unused vouchers up to 10 years after pre-payment.

   In case you need to cancel your pre-paid tandem flight and wish to receive a refund, please refer to the "Make it or Cancel" section.

   When making online payments via PayPal.com, it's important to note that there are additional fees in addition to the main price. These fees include a PayPal fee of 3.4% plus a 2% PayPal cross-border fee, as well as a fixed PayPal fee of 0.35 euro. However, the PayPal fee for transferring payment to our bank account is covered by us.

   We can create a traditional invoice upon request.

   In the first section, we explain that paragliding is an extreme sport, but also emphasize that it is one of the safest air sports.

   Before the flight, all passengers must carefully read and sign the Agreement for Organizing Tandem Flights.

   By choosing our package, you will receive extra gifts as well.

  • Experience the thrill of a tandem flight over the stunning Zlatibor mountain in Serbia.
  • You will get a professional-quality video of your flight experience.
  • Pendant Key for Tandem Passengers
  • Certificate of Tandem Passenger.
  • You will get to receive a complimentary ticket to visit the beautiful city of El Paso.

   The price includes all tandem paragliding and safety equipment, as well as transportation back to the takeoff point and a few gifts.

   The price for transport to and from the take-off point is not included

   In the price, it is included: all paragliding tandem and safety equipment and all re-transport what is needed to back on the takeoff position. Also, some gifts.

   The price is not included: transport to the take-off position and back to your start position.

   The duration of the flight in free air varies between 10 and 15 minutes, depending on weather conditions. Passengers on shorter flights may either take two flights or receive a small discount.

   Are you ready to go for a tandem flight now? Please let me know.

   Choose your vacation date on Zlatibor mountain and we will find the best weather for our flight together.

   Read the "Make It or Cancel" section to cancel your pre-paid tandem flight and receive a refund from the police..

    At the start of 2019, we started with the VOUCHER sales. And on that sale, we are providing a 20% discount.

   Like on all tandem flights in that way of sale, it is included:
All re-transport from landing to takeoff, GoPro video clip of your flight, ParaglidingSerbia key pendant, Tandem passenger certificate, and 10% discount on the pancake store “Phenix Lake” Zlatibor.

Also, it does NOT include transport to the takeoff.

   The only difference is in the time of buy and registration. The time to organize your tandem flight can be 30 or more days after buy and registration :)
   Our tandem vouchers are not time-limited.

We wish to see you in the next 10 years.

   Also in that buy your e-mail will be added to the Us Newsletter voucher list and you will get information about the flyable day, or you can choose a date and if the forecast is for flying We will fly :)

   The end of 2021 officially comes as an option to buy more outdoor activities in the package with our tandem flight.

   Some activities are on the standard offer of our team, and some are organized from our partnership program.

   Some activities are not possible to arrange in the same day lake rafting at Lim river or take a tour at Kokin Brod lake with tandem flight, and for that, you must make a plan two days for all activities.

   For all that situation please first contact Us with your request and We will do our the best to make your holiday the Zlatibor better.

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